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  • Starting a Day Care Center

    Starting a Day Care CenterThere is an element of risk in starting any business. Eliminating that risk through knowledge and planning will lead to your success in the day care business.

    The above is an excerpt from a company that can give you the information you need to start a day care center. This business would probably benefit from having the "right personality" behind it.

    Here is an excerpt of some of the contents:

    In language that is clear, readable and straight to the point, it explains:
  • What is required in starting a day care center
  • determining what to charge when starting a day care center
  • setting policies and procedures when starting the day care center
  • attracting clients to your day care center
  • establishing your daily schedule
  • planning activities for the children at the child care center
  • billing and accounting
  • managing your cash flow at your day care center
  • record keeping
  • keeping your clients happy
  • growing your day care center business

    You can get this e-book for an investment of $29.95 by clicking here.

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