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  • Get Paid Taking Surveys.   Free to participate.
    An instant
    residual income with good potential... and help getting it...

    After I was in business, I did A LOT of surfing on the web. I learned that many large advertisers are willing to PAY for marketing research. In other words, if you take an online survey, they will pay you cash for doing it! Basically, this helps them in making their decisions about marketing a product, and they're willing to have a budget for outside input. They're waiting for your opinions! Would you accept a check for $200 or $300 for your opinion?

    There are several survey websites out there, but far and away, the best one I've found is SurveySavvy.com. They pay CASH for their surveys, where other companies may sometimes offer raffles for prizes (not as good). The surveys pay anywhere from $3 to $75 ($75 is the most, I think). They've requested that I participate in surveys that pay $30 several times. The real money from SurveySavvy is in the residual income that they will allow you to create. A residual income is one that will continuously be paid to you monthly. Click here for a more in-depth discussion about residual income. SurveySavvy allows you to build a residual income by paying you for referrals and my website can help you to get them from all over the Internet.

    SurveySavvy.com will pay you $2 for each survey taken by someone you referred, AND $1 for each survey taken by someone one of your referrals referred. The easiest place to get referrals is the Internet itself! That's a 3-tiered payout system for simply giving your opinions on things! If it doesn't sound like much, consider what happens after your referrals begin making referrals. Remember that this is free to join (an easy sell) and the surveys will repeat and continue to be distributed to your referrals regularly. And not only that, they'll give you a handy referral link that you can paste onto a website, put in a newsletter, promote in a search engine, put into a free banner exchange, use as a part of your email signature, etc (please do not spam with your link). This makes it very easy to promote. At the bottom of this page, there are free advertising links to help you promote your referral link.

    Below, I've posted a photo of one of my last checks from SurveySavvy for proof:

    (I'm not good with pictures or graphics, so I hope you understand :-)
    (Click the picture above, and maximize your new window for a large view)
    I "blanked" some things on this picture for "security" reasons.

    The checks I receive are the result of taking my own surveys and referring others using the referral link that SurveySavvy gave me. My first check was for $15. Now I'm getting checks like the one above for over $600 because I worked at it. My personal vision goes a lot farther than $600 a month though. I'll double it eventually, and I don't see why I can't double that too. Getting referrals only takes some effort. Free advertising sources like TrafficSwarm makes getting referrals much easier than many people realize.

    Of course there will be those you refer who ignore or choose not to take the survey, or never make a referral. There will be others who aren't invited to many surveys because their profile was not completed or not needed for that particular survey. That's normal. For you to be successful, you only need to concern yourself with the ones who do. If you keep working this over time, you'll soon have a group of over 100 referrals, who are doing their own referring. It will begin to take a life of its own. After I referred 60, my referrals began to pass me with their own referrals (My own efforts were then being multiplied by some of those 60 people's efforts). That's just me. The growth of your income all depends on you. Imagine 2 years from now, having worked a free survey referral income, and having 300 referrals, and 1000 of their referrals. Then one survey gets offered to that group. Then another survey comes out next week... and another... and another... Get the idea? SurveySavvy has given out over $9,000,000 in survey payments to referrals who signed up for FREE. How much of this would you like to be yours?

    In the beginning, I began "fooling around" with this. I took surveys and referred others using some of the Internet's free advertising websites. After I received my second check from SurveySavvy, I started to take it more seriously and began to realize the power of receiving a residual income on a regular schedule. SurveySavvy.com has already given away over $9,000,000 doing this. The advertising companies are apparently paying them a lot more.

    This is an easy-to-get cashflow that I highly recommend, especially for someone who is getting their "feet wet" on the Internet. You risk nothing and have a unlimited earning potential from referrals.

    One concern that I had about a survey company was that if I told them my opinions and gave them personal information, that it would be used to hound me with spam, junk mail, etc. They do not do this and I can attest to that personally. This company is professional in every sense of the word.

    You have nothing to lose! To sign up click here.

    Here are some secrets that will help your success with survey companies. I would suggest that you
    bookmark this page so that you can refer back to them, because they can make a huge difference in how much you earn with any survey company.

    Secret #1: Survey companies want "well-rounded people" with a large set of interests. Everyone is well-rounded, but your chance to be invited to surveys will increase dramatically if you indicate that you have a wide range of interests, even if they are just "passing interests". The first thing to do is to login to your account and fill out the Profile Enhancers. Even if you have the mildest interest in something, its good that the survey companies know about it.

    Secret #2: The real money with surveysavvy is in referrals. They now have a new Household Referrals option in the system. The link they give you (in the Member Invitation section) is probably the best way to promote, because it can be used anywhere on the internet. There are many ways to promote your link. Free advertising sources like TrafficSwarm are probably the most cost-effective way to promote your referral link.

    Secret #3: Be sure that the email address you give them is one that you WATCH regularly (otherwise it can be changed when you login). They have a QUOTA of people who can take each survey, since many people don't respond to the invitations. Take the survey immediately, otherwise the quota may fill up and they won't need anymore people.

    Secret #4: Take each survey sent to you. This builds your upcoming check and should increase the chances of more survey invitations. Be patient. Invitations tend to come out weekly to those with good profiles.

    Secret #5: Help your friends or anyone you refer. If you assist someone you've referred, you create belief and commitment within your group, which leads to more referrals and more surveys being taken.

    Secret #6: Most surveys will be begin with "pre-qualifying questions" (usually 2 or 3 questions to test if you have a strong interest level in the theme of the survey). Keep this in mind when you first begin answering questions.

    Secret #7: Advertisers are trying to sell "new" things. You are more likely to pass their pre-qualifying questions if you are an owner of newer models of cars, furniture, etc.

    Secret #8: Be Patient. This income is built one survey at a time. Depending on your submitted profile, sometimes weeks may go by without you getting a survey. This is normal. Marketing companies submit their surveys at random. You may build a group of 50 referrals and wonder why you only have $3 in your account. This is normal, because at any given time, a survey can be released, and you'll login in next time to see $25 waiting for you. You may login next time to see that your referrals have referred three times as many as you have! Remember that SurveySavvy won't forget about you or your referrals even five years from now! They intend to pay you over the long haul. Be patient and keep the faith. Its a free long-term residual income as long as you see it that way.

    If you would like these secrets sent to you in email format, email my survey secrets autoresponder below and it will send you back an email within minutes that lists the secrets above for easy reference. Your email address will NOT be used for any other purpose.

    SurveySavvy.com is still only one large survey company and there are dozens. If you're interested participating in EVERY survey company that you can, there is a product that compiles a constant list of ALL the survey companies. This way, you can join several dozen companies and have more chances to participate in paying surveys. PaidSurveysOnline.com sells this as a product for $34.95. The payment can be made up quickly by participating in a few surveys. You can get it by clicking here.

    For FREE advertising, visit the Free Advertising section at the bottom of the Advertising page

    Residual Income

    A residual income is the best type of cashflow you can create because it will continue to come in long after you've done the work. Here's some examples. If you work a job, your paychecks are dependent upon you continuing to work. If you stop working, your paychecks will stop. A residual income will not just stop. It may fluctuate some, it may even increase! Even the
    affiliate marketing that I've done to create an Internet income is not residual. If I were to stop advertising, my sales would stop too.

    A source of a residual income is extremely hard-to-find. It may be very hard for you to believe, but its a proven fact that there are many U.S. citizens that have done this and now have a lifestyle that isn't dependent upon a paycheck. The SurveySavvy referral bonuses ($2 and $1) may seem small to you, but don't be fooled! Those are residual dollars! Imagine having just 5 active referrals who each have referred 2. If your group did one survey, that would generate $20. And so would the next survey... and the next survey... etc. It may only be a start of $20, but its very difficult to find anything that will continue to pay you $20 on regular intervals, that is free to sign up for.

    If you are seriously looking for a solid residual income, there is an even better, more profitable way than just taking surveys, but that is only if you can put at least 10 hours a week of effort into it. I will provide a link to this opportunity, but be warned that I take a very serious, more "business-minded" approach in offering this (click here to read about this opportunity).

    To begin building a residual income with SurveySavvy,click here.

    For FREE advertising, visit the Free Advertising section at the bottom of the Advertising page