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    The 7 Main Steps to a Business Website

  • 1. Make a Plan
  • 2. Get a www.yourdomain.com
  • 3. Get hosting for your site
  • 4. Get your site built
  • 5. Get your site ready-to-sell
  • 6. Advertise your site
  • 7. Get Paid

    Low Risk Businesses

  • Affiliates

  • E-books

  • Ebay/Auctioning

  • Online Storefronts

  • Networking/MLM

    Other Low Risk Businesses

  • Cleaning Business

  • Talent Booking Business

  • Medical Billing Business

  • Day Care Center Business

  • Office Cleaning Business

  • Getting Government Grants

  • Buying Foreclosures

  • Cell Phone Recycling Business

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  • Internet Auctions and Auction Tools

    If you are not familiar with Internet auctions or Ebay, click here to learn about it.

    Auction Sites List
    Click here for your favorite eBay itemsI'm sure you've heard of Ebay. They are the king of Internet auctioning and created a whole new way to enjoy shopping all by themselves. The things they list are literally "endless". Registration is free.
    Click Here!UBid is a large auction site that seeks to compete with Ebay. Their website also promotes their Superstore that has computers, electronics, movies, etc.Registration is free.
    Search for cars from $500.  Bargain.comBargain.com has a database of over 4,000 Live Auction Events. They specialize in auctioning big-ticket items such as cars, homes, and computers. You can register with them and get a 30-day free trial membership.
    Bid4Auctions.com takes a different approach towards their auction fees. They charge you a small amount monthly, instead of charging you per auction. You can save a substantial amount this way.
    Buy Sell Trades AuctionBuy, Sell, and Trade your Auction items for less. The bidding process is easy. You can have fun using the low cost "auction alternative".
    Grass Roots Trading AuctionGrassroots Trading strives to be the electronic version of the open-air market. It only costs $1 to list a general item. Their online auction was borne out of a desire to provide an environment that allows people to buy and sell cheaply and with minimal hassles.
    Yahoo AuctionsYahoo auctions benefits from a giant stream of traffic and regular users of Yahoo who contribute to their auction.
    Government & Police AuctionsCars, boats, real estate, and personal property are auctioned away through government and police agencies daily. AuctionsPass will show you where and when government auctions will be held for $39.50.
    Auto Auction CenterCars are actually auctioned away each day for $200. This service will give you access to local and nationwide auto auctioning centers. The cost is dependent upon your location.

    Auction Tools
    Ebay and Auctioning Secrets"The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on Ebay"
    • "What sells best on eBay?"
    • "How can I learn to be successful on eBay?"
    • "How can I make REAL money in my spare time?"

    These questions are answered, plus much more information which can help you turn Ebay into your own private sales machine.
    Burn CDs for EbayLearn how to use a CD burner to mass-produce copies of hot-selling CDs on Ebay.
    Sell Antiques on EbayLearn how to sell antiques on Ebay for a major profit. People will practically give away antiques that are perfect for re-sale on Ebay.
    AuctionLizard.comAuction templates software to help you make a splashier auction page for your goods.

    About Internet auctions

    The Internet auction is changing the way we shop. If you don't believe me, visit ebay.com and try searching for a few things:

  • Three toys you remember that haven't been sold for years.
  • A hard to find spare part for something that isn't sold in stores.
  • Something you want now but normally its too expensive.

    Once you realize the power that Internet auctions have, you'll realize that its the ultimate marketplace.

    One of the oldest ways to do business is to "buy low and sell high". Internet auctions make this fairly simple if you were to decide to do this as a business. I am not an Ebay-er, but from what I understand practice-makes-perfect and there are different levels that you can do this at.

    I can't claim to know a lot about being an auctioner, but there are books you can buy about this, as well as e-books written about it.

    Click here to return to the top of the auction list

    Click here to learn about how to make money on the Internet