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  • Cell Phone Recycling Business

    Cell Phone Recycling Business "Used Cell Phones - Over 100 Million Will Be Replaced This Year - Are Worth Up To $150 EACH! And, Until NOW, the ONLY way to get rid of them was to throw them in the trash." Details are now available for how to earn profits by recycling cell phones, step-by-step.

    Here is an excerpt of some of the contents:

  • 6 Little-known resources which will buy discarded cell phones Save hours of research finding the BEST companies to deal with

  • Learn EXACTLY which phones are most valuable Earn maximum profit in minimum time by 'cherry-picking' the market, or go for the volume. Either way, the opportunity is enormous - anywhere in the world.

  • The ONE company which will buy ANY used digital phone - regardless of condition Profit from EVERY phone you collect - whether it works or NOT! The ONLY way you can fail at this business is if you do nothing.

  • Why people will GIVE you their old phones - for a substantial legal tax deduction Easily create an AVALANCHE of FREE phones

  • Learn why the government wants you to succeed This is a business you can feel GOOD about - you're protecting the environment, helping people get cash for their useless junk, and can help (if you choose) worthy organizations raise badly needed funds

  • Why cell phones should NEVER be thrown away Cell phones are full of dangerous materials - I give you access to the definitive manual on the poisons in digital phones

  • Cell phone recyling is in its infancy. Less than one per cent of the billions of phones made since 1995 have been recycled. You are getting in on the ground floor - your profits are guaranteed

  • These companies send you pre-addressed boxes and pay your shipping You need little or NO capital to get started - even your shipping expenses are paid for you.

  • Large, consistent profits are not only possible, they're GUARANTEED! How do profit margins of 100% to 1,000% sound?

  • You don't need special tools, equipment, or facilities. Phones are light, compact, easily stored and transported, and you need no special licenses or permits to recycle them. This is the ULTIMATE no-risk, high-profit, minimum capital recycling business.

  • Benefit from the recycling efforts of OTHERS! I reveal the reasons why large-scale efforts through 'big-box' retailers and organizations can only benefit YOU!

  • Extra income streams are easily developed. Recycling digital handsets (phones) opens up a variety of other ancillary opportunities to profit from. These can TURBOCHARGE your income - quickly and easily!

  • Government, Industry, and Environmental organizations will help you succeed - whether you realize it or not. The avalanche of 'cell phone poisons' entering the waste stream has become a HUGE environmental concern. You'll see many new programs to curb this waste problem - and they'll have a negligible impact on the problem. But you'll ultimately benefit from any of these new initiatives - and make BIG money doing so!

    You can get this information for an investment of $25 by clicking here.

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