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    The 7 Main Steps to a Business Website

  • 1. Make a Plan
  • 2. Get a www.yourdomain.com
  • 3. Get hosting for your site
  • 4. Get your site built
  • 5. Get your site ready-to-sell
  • 6. Advertise your site
  • 7. Get Paid

    Low Risk Businesses

  • Affiliates

  • E-books

  • Ebay/Auctioning

  • Online Storefronts

  • Networking/MLM

    Other Low Risk Businesses

  • Cleaning Business

  • Talent Booking Business

  • Medical Billing Business

  • Day Care Center Business

  • Office Cleaning Business

  • Getting Government Grants

  • Buying Foreclosures

  • Cell Phone Recycling Business

    Resources and Links

  • Small Business Resources

  • Web Resources

  • Other Resources

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    Best Rate Calculator
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    International Best Rate Calculator

  • Web Resources

    These are helpful resources that can assist you with building a website, researching various aspects of other websites, or researching the Internet.

    Google Toolbar
    A toolbar which sits in your browser window and gives you the ability to perform an on-the-spot search of Google. Its most popular feature is a built-in popup killer. It can also provide the Pagerank rating of any website in the window.

    Alexa allows you to lookup any website domain and see its overall Internet traffic ranking. Its very helpful for getting a feel for the overall volume of traffic going to a website.

    WS FTP
    WS FTP is one of the most popular FTP programs on the Internet, used for uploading files to websites. Its very easy-to-use and can be used for an unlimited number of websites.

    HTML Color Chart
    This is a color chart that I use for reference whenever I need to choose a color for a web page, and if I need to know the code of a particular color.

    The Free Site
    My favorite free stuff site on the Internet. Its loaded with helpful links to many of the best sites for freebees.

    Overture's Keyword Tool
    A very useful tool which can be used to monitor the number of searches for a keyword term, learn more keyword terms, and gauging the demand of a product or service.

    Submit Plus Testing Tools
    A group of useful online tools for testing the load time of a web page, checking and optimizing meta tags, and more.

    Net Mechanic Gif Optimizer and Testing Tools
    A group of useful online tools similar to SubmitPlus. My personal favorite is the Gif Optimizer which will give you compressed versions of your graphic files that look just as good and load much faster.

    Smarterscripts is an excellent source of custom CGI script packages. You can get a fully-working pay-per-click search engine, a link exchange manager, and other CGI script packages.

    Health and Beauty Directory
    Free categorized web directory. Submit your website today.

    #1 Free Link Exchange Directory On The Web - Link Market
    Have you ever tried to exchange links, swap links, or trade links? Was it hard? Use link market instead; - it is easy to use, free and very smart. It will save you hours of work.