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    The 7 Main Steps to a Business Website

  • 1. Make a Plan
  • 2. Get a www.yourdomain.com
  • 3. Get hosting for your site
  • 4. Get your site built
  • 5. Get your site ready-to-sell
  • 6. Advertise your site
  • 7. Get Paid

    Low Risk Businesses

  • Affiliates

  • E-books

  • Ebay/Auctioning

  • Online Storefronts

  • Networking/MLM

    Other Low Risk Businesses

  • Cleaning Business

  • Talent Booking Business

  • Medical Billing Business

  • Day Care Center Business

  • Office Cleaning Business

  • Getting Government Grants

  • Buying Foreclosures

  • Cell Phone Recycling Business

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  • Step 3 - Choose a Host for Your Website:

    Hosting is cheap. I couldn't believe how relatively cheap it is for what you get. "You mean I can actually have a website on the Internet for only $7 per month?" Hosting is cheap across the board, but dependability is not to be taken for granted. A bad host will cause your website to disappear from the Internet for uncomfortable periods of time.

    I've had to fire several web hosts over the years because they weren't dependable. You must have dependability for a business website.

    After narrowing it down over the years, here are some reliable website hosting companies.

    Note: If you're planning to get a pre-built online storefront, then you won't need hosting or an ecommerce enabler because this will already be done for you in the storefront package.

    BuilderSpot.comIf you want a host with an easy-to-use website builder, BuilderSpot.com, provides this for only $19.98 per month . You can choose from over 200 website templates and will be prompted for exactly how your website should be laid out. They also allow you to add up to 30 special features to your website which include a working shopping cart, a calendar, an automated map of any location, and a message board feature.

    Here is a cut-and-paste of a particularly useful business feature:

    Mailing List/Newsletter feature

    You can post several newsletters and then have them batch emailed to your subscribers

    • Manage your subscribers right on your site
    • Your subscriber emails can be exported as a list
    • Newsletters are displayed by date

    For less than $20 a month, its hard to go wrong when a host will give you this many powerful abilities which can be online in a matter of minutes.

    iPowerWeb.comiPowerWeb.com is one of the hottest hosts on the Internet today regarding new accounts. Their monthly charge ranges from $6.95 to $9.95 a month, you may be able to get a free domain name, and the setup fee can be waived depending on how many months you pay in advance. They have an excellent reputation for a lack of downtime. Here is a cut-and-paste of some of their features:

  • 500 MB
  • 300 Pop Emails
  • SSL, FTP, Statistics
  • Frontpage Extensions
  • Hostway.comWhen the number one issue for one of my websites was dependability, I found Hostway to be the best bet. I've only had one case of 2 hours downtime over a year, and that's pretty good. They may have the most sophisticated account management features on the Internet today. If you're looking for a dedicated server, Hostway probably has some of the best options available on the Internet.
    (Free) netfirms.comThere are some hosts who will give you web space for free. There are 3 trade-offs: One - There will be an unremovable advertisement on your website. Free advertising for them is the only way they can afford to give you the space. Two - your domain will have their name in it (Example: yourdomain.netfirms.com), which makes it harder for people to remember your web address. Still, in some cases this won't matter much depending on how you promote your website. Three - If you're "serious" about your website, you have to remember that you're at another company's mercy (i.e. if it's "down", you're not in a position to complain - it's free; you'll just have to wait until they fix it. For what its worth, I've never seen my netfirms site down). There are several free web hosts, netfirms.com really has their act together, and also has a terrific upgrade plan when you're ready to graduate to a paid hosting plan.


    Getting a hosting account for your domain is fairly easy and any bumps that you encounter can be smoothed out by the technical support of that host.

    You will encounter one important choice when you choose your hosting plan. You have to choose between a Unix platform and a Windows platform. I'll try to make this simple. Choose Unix unless you plan to use FrontPage, ASP (Active Server Pages), or an Access database on your website. Those things require a Windows platform. Otherwise Unix is cheaper and will work just the same on the Internet for you.

    Note: If you're only going to have one website, you only need one host :-)