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    The 7 Main Steps to a Business Website

  • 1. Make a Plan
  • 2. Get a www.yourdomain.com
  • 3. Get hosting for your site
  • 4. Get your site built
  • 5. Get your site ready-to-sell
  • 6. Advertise your site
  • 7. Get Paid

    Low Risk Businesses

  • Affiliates

  • E-books

  • Ebay/Auctioning

  • Online Storefronts

  • Networking/MLM

    Other Low Risk Businesses

  • Cleaning Business

  • Talent Booking Business

  • Medical Billing Business

  • Day Care Center Business

  • Office Cleaning Business

  • Getting Government Grants

  • Buying Foreclosures

  • Cell Phone Recycling Business

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  • Starting a Cleaning Business

    Starting a Cleaning Business The good things about a cleaning business are that its tangible, practical, and doesn’t require a lot of experience. For a relatively low investment, you can begin a cleaning business within a few weeks.

    There is a good e-book that describes the ins-and-outs of a starting a cleaning business. This includes specializing in carpet cleaning or window cleaning. Here is a breakdown of the table of contents:

  • Starting a Cleaning Business
    Deciding on a Name, Legal Requirements, Business Plan, Start-Up Costs, Outside Facility vs. Home Based

  • Organizing Your Cleaning Business
    Preparing Your Home, Required Equipment,Establishing a Web Site

  • Running Your Cleaning Business
    Setting Your Rates, Managing Cash Flow

  • Marketing Your Cleaning Business
    Attracting Customers, Getting Referrals, Building Your Image, Staying Ahead of Competition

  • Managing Your Cleaning Business
    Record Keeping, Insurance, Tax Obligations

  • Growing Your Cleaning Business
    Hiring an Assistant, Getting Financing, Keeping It Going

    You can get this e-book for an investment of $29.95 by clicking here.

  • Other Low Risk Businesses

    Internet Storefronts
    Affiliate Marketing - free-of-charge
    Write your own E-Book
    Ebay / Auctioning
    Network Marketing / MLM

    Work at Home